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Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Instasafe provides pre-built and pre-configured user activities, system operations, and security events reports that can be downloaded.

For efficient monitoring and compliance ZTAA collects and maintains a large range of logs and reports. The different logs and reports available under Audit Section of the Dash board are:-

- Recent Active Users - Gateway Status - Username Lookups - User Logins - Authentication Logs - User Last Login - Never Loggedin - Application Access Request - Application Recordings - Session Logs - Events - T-OTP Status - Exports

To download a report, Click on the download button.

ZTAA has around 107 events including System events, Admin events and User events that can be downloaded. Few are mentioned below for reference:

Event Type Event
Admin User Update
Admin User Delete
Admin User Role Update
System User Credentials verification
System Primary SAML authentication
System AD sync Updates
User User Token refresh
User Device Register
User User set Password

Exporting a Log