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VPN Profile

VPN Profile serves as a starting point in VPN Gateway configuration.This is used for  allocating network for VPN infrastructure. The admin can configure a range of private IP so as to avoid any conflict with existing network ranges.

  • There can be only one VPN profile per company.

  • The admin must ensure that IP group defined in VPN profile must be different from IP used in Intranet.

  • Reserve IPs are sets of IP’s kept separate for  Gateways only.First X Ips are reserved and Allocated to user status from after the reserved IP end.

  • Static IP is allocated from the network series created by Admin .Each  IP is associated with a User and particular device.

**P.S ZTAA VPN component only works on NAT and hence the gateway needs to be installed in DMZ.**

Steps to Configure VPN profile

The steps given below demonstrate how VPN profile can be configured.

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Go to Configuration.

  3. Admin can enter a subnet and IP addresses will be allocated  .Subnet will be  in CIDR notation

This can also be seen in the video given below.

Configuring a VPN Profile