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InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway

The InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway is responsible for securing and keeping private all applications and network resources in the data centre(s). It serves as the termination point for the mutual TLS tunnels, where traffic is decrypted and routed to the respective application servers.

VPN, TCP, RDP/SSH & Agentless applications can be configured in a single InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway.

An InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway must be provisioned on a physical server or VM/instance at each of the respective data centres as per the below mentioned configuration. For the purpose of redundancy, it is recommended to provision a backup InstaSafe Gateway as well, with the same configuration.

VM Sizing

Virtual Machine Parameter Requirement
Operating System Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (server edition)
OS Type 64-bit
RAM Minimum 8 GB
Hard Disk Minimum 50 GB of free space
CPU 4 Core CPU as minimun

Network Requirements

Every InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway must have local network access to all the application servers in that data centre you wish to provide secure access to.

Network Firewall Rules

Source Application Type Port Direction
any Network UDP 8443 Inbound
any RDP & SSH TCP 8080 Inbound
any Web applications (Agentless) TCP 443 Inbound
any Web applications (via Agent) TCP 8081 Inbound
InstaSafe Gateways any (private/public internet) any Outbound

Note: If the above mentioned ports are already being utilized in your network for different purpose then there is customization available for the gateways to listen on different port numbers.

InstaSafe ZTAA Gateways has a host firewall which filters the network traffic coming in, so even if source is “any” in network firewall, InstaSafe ZTAA Gateway is equipped to handle unknown incoming traffic.

Proxy Configuration

In case of a proxy present, it must be ensured that the connection is allowed directly from the firewall.